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Down the Rabbit Hole

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5 February
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I can get ranty, political, annoyed, sarcastic, and silly. I don't post as often as I should...and people delete me for it, but meh, whatever it's my journal, and I do what I want! I don't always comment right away, or reply to your comments right away....but I will eventually. I always do. Anything more, you've either heard about me from someone else, or will learn along the way.
2foots, ancestry, ancient cities, animal rights, anne rice, art, art museums, artwork, audrey hepburn, beaches, best friends network, blogging, books, bunnies, bunny, bunny rabbits, buns, c.s. lewis, camping, cards, cats, chicago (the movie), chinese food, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, coffee, comics, computer games, computers, country music, cribbage, cuddling, dark chocolate, dead like me, desperate housewives, doc holiday, driving, eq, everquest, flirting, football, fox trot comics, freedom, friends, genealogy, godiva chocolate, guns, halloween, handguns, harley, harley davidson, harry potter, history, horror movies, ice cream, intelligence, intelligent converstations, ireland, italian food, j.r.r. tolkien, james bond, jrr tolkein, kittens, kitties, lagomorph, lagomorphs, lake tahoe, laughter, law and order, law and order: svu, leporidae, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, love, maine coon, making new friends, medieval, meeting new people, michael savage, monty python, movies, mst3k, mystery science theatre 3000, mythology, myths, ncis, numbers, office space, old movies, online role playing games, pcos, pepsi, pets, phantom of the opera, playing eq, playing with my pets, pogonip, poker, politics, pre-raphaelite artwork, qow, queen of wands, rabbit, rabbit rescue, rabbits, ranting, reading, religion, ren faire, ren faires, renaissance, renaissance faire, renaissance faires, republician, road trips, rpgs, sarcasm, sex and the city, shakespeare, shopping, siberian huskies, simpsons, snow skiing, soulmates, spooning, springfield armory, stealing peoples interests, sushi, target practice, tattoos, teddy bears, tetris, texas hold 'em, the beach, the ocean, the old west, the savage nation, the simpsons, thyroid, tolkien, tombstone, true love, urban legends, watching people, watership down, webcomics, world of warcraft, wow, writing

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